MacoLEDs LED Spotlights

Our award-winning MacoLEDs Profiles, Fresnels and Panels, are the professional spotlights for TV studio and stage theatre, with 10 design patents and ISO9001, PLASA, ESTA, CE, CCC, RoHS and RDM compliance.

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MacoLEDs is designed to match and work together with conventional lighting fixtures for a natural look to the human eye and professional cameras. The 200 watt MacoLEDs generates light which is very close to 1Kw tungsten halogen lamp but much less heat.

We have our own phosphor mix recipe for the MacoLEDs white LED modules to ensure the desired colour temperature, colour rendering and saturation.

Our circular arrayed LED chip provides a circular shaped light beam which a square-arrayed counterpart cannot compare. Each column of our LED chip is well-balanced at output voltages and expandable to a larger output.

MacoLEDs can be dimmed through a control desk via standard DMX signals. An intuitive LCD panel and tuning knob on the fixture provide direct and extreme smooth local dimming from 0-100% and quick system configuration settings.

To ensure longevity of the LED chip, MacoLEDs’ built-in heat management features a “safe mode” which controls the light output to protect the chip from accidentally over-heated at or above 65°C.

RDM is ready inside MacoLEDs for precise monitoring of the LED chip’s performance and status. the LED’s ID and life hours can also be displayed to make maintenance easy.


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