AUROSTAR Lighting Control System

AUROSTAR is a very cost-effective and well designed lighting control system with both innovations and approaching world-class state of the art. The innovative concepts including a comprehensive dimming and switching design to meet unique requirements and characteristics of individual lighting elements of different types is one of the key features. Electric controls of these lighting elements use the company’s successful lighting control technology for stage and studio applications.

Through the Windows-based AUROSTAR setup software, you can easily create and preset different functional or dramatic lighting scenes for any application.

Aurostar is widely used in

  • Hotel-Ballroom, Function room, Lobby and restaurant;
  • Auditoriums, Convention Centre and Shopping Mall;
  • Conference room and Luxurious House
  • TV studio and Theatre

Aurostar architectural Lighting Control System consists of four major parts:

  • Control station
  • Dimmer cabinet
  • Dimmer module
  • Setup control software

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