AUROSTAR Dimmers and Modules


  • Dimmer Cabinet
    • ADC24R2E – 24 ways Main Dimmer Cabinet with CPU
    • ADC12R2E – 12 ways Main Dimmer Cabinet with CPU
    • ADC24X2E – 24 ways Dimmer Cabinet
    • ADC12X2E – 12 ways Dimmer Cabinet

Main Features:

  • Single phase or three phases start.
  • 180-240V AC
  • 15A thermal magnetic circuit
  • breaker (MCB) per channel
  • Dimming cabinet generates heats between 0-40°C
  • Indoor used only, not waterproof
  • Require air cooled, vent must not be blocked
  • Panic switch is located inside the cabinet
  • 80A/400VMCB 3 phase 4-wire/ 40A/400VMCB 3phase 4 wire
  • Max. 12 channels


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