DPC Wall Dimmers

DPC dimmer cabinet is a digital dimmer system designed for both entertainment and architectural lighting applications. The modular design offers various output power rating combined in one cabinet and this feature suits most lighting design requirements. DPC cabinet is also designed for easy installation, just like an MCB board.


  • DPC Dimmer Cabinets
    • DPC24X2D-13A
    • DPC24X2D-25A
    • DPC24X2E-13A
    • DPC24X2E-25A
    • DPC12X2D-13A
    • DPC12X2D-25A
    • DPC12X2E-13A
    • DPC12X2E-25A
  • DPC Dimmer Modules
    • DPC-13D – Dual 13A dimmer module
    • DPC-25D – Single 25A dimmer module
    • ADC-10L – Dual 10A Non-dim module
    • ADC-20L – Single 20A Non-dim module


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