Medley Hanging Battens

The Medley Hanging System provides a wide range of choices for theatre hanging applications. Different compositions of aluminum barrel, wired lighting batten and high tensile aluminum bar clamps to fit most requirements of the theatre industry. The extruded aluminum barrels and battens give the largest flexibility of length for different size of venues. Clear and sharp numbering of lighting channels on both sides of batten enables easy identification at a distance.


[attr style=”width:80px”], Hanging Batten Assembly Set
WBD18C1, “Double Barrels wired lighting batten, 18m, custom made type 1”
WBS18C1, “Single Barrel wired lighting batten, 18m, custom made type 1”
SBD18, “Double Scenery Bar, 18m”
SBS18, “Single Scenery Bar, 18m”
SBSA07, “Boom Arm, 700mm”


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