TEAM380A LED Cyclorama Light

TEAM380A LED Cyclorama Light provides a smooth, soft and even wash for backdrops of kaleidoscope colour mixes or pure white (for a clean chroma-key wash). Available as a single unit, TEAM380A can be easily daisy chained through units, and linked side by side for greater saturation of light. The cyclorama light has a simple and intuitive local control for setup, control and addressing, and is compatible with DMX-512 and RDM protocols.

Main Features:

  • Red, Green, Blue and White LEDs
  • Max output 350W
  • 0-100% MacoLEDs smooth dimming, flicker free
  • Dual super quiet auto cooling fans
  • 100-240V AC international power input
  • DMX-512 & RDM ready
  • Light weight aluminium and rigid steel housing
  • Control Modes
    • RGBW mode: control 4 colours individually
    • HSI mode: control by Hue, Saturation & Intensity
    • CCT: Colour temperature adjusting
    • Effect: Built-in colour macros (16 colours)


MACOSTAR product catalogue 2018 (12.2 MB)
MacoLEDs TEAM380A LED Cyclorama Lights - product data sheet (317 KB)
MacoLEDs TEAM380A - CE Certificate (EMC) (227 KB)
MacoLEDs TEAM380A - CE Certificate (LVD) (229 KB)
MacoLEDs TEAM380A - ETL Certificate (115 KB)