Zero88 FLX lighting console workshop

We were happy to have Mr Tyler Holpin of Zero 88 visit MACOSTAR HQ and introduce the new ‪FLX‬ lighting console to our Hong Kong team and our customers on 13-14 May.

The new Zero 88 FLX lighting console is fully featured, portable and easy to use, designed to save you time and maximise your creativity.

Amazing features of this new lighting console include:

  • Internal multi touch screen
  • Colour picking, mixing & image capture
  • Multiple filter libraries, and Mood Boards by LEE Filters
  • RGB, CMY and HSV control
  • Built-in fixture library
  • 241 playbacks
  • 2048 freely assignable channels
  • User Definable Keys
  • Quiet, fanless operation
  • USB Wings available
  • Optional external touch screen

For further information and availability, contact our sales team for details.