DPR96 Dimmer Racks

The DPR96 series dimmer rack has 24 slots available for 96 channels of 3Kw, 4Kw or 6Kw dimmer modules. Configured data of dimmers are stored in the electronics of the DPR Rack. Dimmer settings will not be affected while changing the Control Modules (CTM). The DPR~E, Enhanced models, are featured with operation–status-reporting functions to a remote PC. The DPR~L dimmer rack has a local 10.4 inches LCD touch panel installed at the front door showing the real time operation status of the connected DPR dimmer racks.


  • Dimmer Rack [220V, 96channels]
    • DPR96A – Standard model
    • DPR96EA – Enhanced model
    • DPR96EA-L – Enhanced with LCD
  • Dimmer Rack [110V, 96 channels]
    • DPR96B – Standard model
    • DPR96EB – Enhanced model
    • DPR96EB-L – Enhanced with LCD


The plug-in Dimmer Modules of DPR Dimmer Racks are defined by Standard and Enhanced models, one DPR96 Dimmer Rack configure 2 Control Module and 24 Dimmer Module slots. The latest enhanced Hybrid Dimmer Module, selectable dim and non-dim, is available for the Enhanced Dimmer Rack.

  • For Standard Dimmer Rack:
    • CTM-RTC – Control module
    • SM43N – 4x3KW MCB protected circuit module
    • SM44N – 4x4KW non-dim module circuit module
    • SM46N-1.1 – 4x6KW MCB protected circuit module
    • NDM46N – 4x6KW non-dim module
    • DM43N – 4x3KW dim module
    • DM44N – 4x4KW dim module
    • DM46N – 4x6KW dim module
    • FMN – filler module
  • For Enhanced Dimmer Rack:
    • CTME-2.1 – Control module
    • NDM46EN – 4x6KW non-dim module
    • DM43EN – 4x3KW dim module
    • DM44EN – 4x4KW dim module
    • DM46EN – 4x6KW dim module
    • DM210EN – 2x10KW dim module
    • DM/NDM46EN – 4x6KW dim/non-dim module
    • FMN – filler module

Monitoring Software:

  • EDS-pro – for remote PC use
    • EDS-pro is a PC based real-time rack monitoring system. The system combines various graphics and datasheets to monitor and imitate working status of all smart type dimmer racks in the system. Meanwhile, the user can test selected dimmer rack or configure system settings via this software.
  • Smart-LCD – for local LCD use
    • Smart-LCD is a monitoring system with a 10.4 inch touch LCD on dimmer rack. Through TCP/IP network protocol, the Smart-LCD provides an efficient monitoring of dimmer racks.


DPR96 Dimmer Racks - product data sheet (247 KB)
DPR96 Dimmer Modules - product data sheet (154 KB)
DPR Monitoring Software - product data sheet (82 KB)
DPR96 Dimmer Racks - CE certificate (1.0 MB)
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