MACHO Hoist Controller HCS210

HCS-210 is a member of Macho Hoist Control System designed for TV studios and small to medium sized theatres. The HCS-210 is a wall mounting touch screen control panel that controls up to 255 motorized winches including a number of variable speed motorized winches. The LCD touch screen allows any user to familiarize to it quickly. It also uses Motion-Status Arithmetic Engine (MSAE) to intelligently provide precise controlled response times. The flexible grouping control caters to the need for automatic movement and group assignment, label, or edit. The multi-level login provides administrator and operator to have different access to the system which also prevents unauthorized use. The HCS-210 comes with a wall mount bracket for wall installation.


MACHO Hoist Controller HCS210 - product data sheet (284 KB)
MACHO Hoist Control System - CE certificate (298 KB)