MACHO Hoist Controller HCS280

HCS-280C is a member of Macho Hoist Control System designed for TV studios and medium to large sized theatres. The HCS-280C is a countertop console which controls up to 255 motorized winches including a number of variable speed motorized winches. The LCD touch screen allows any user to familiarize to it quickly. It also uses Motion-Status Arithmetic Engine (MSAE) to intelligently provide precise controlled response times. The flexible grouping control caters to the need for automatic movement and group assignment, label, or edit. The multi-level login provides administrator and operator to have different access to the system which also prevents unauthorized use.

Winner of 2011 Hong Kong awards for industries, machinery and machine tools design award.


MACHO Hoist Controller HCS280 - product data sheet (313 KB)
MACHO Hoist Control System - CE certificate (298 KB)