Medley Wire Ropes

The steel wire rope and the fixing accessories are designed for lifting lines and guiding wire applications requiring an economical wire rope with good strength. The bar attachment set is the complete set of accessories to attach the steel wire rope securely to the lighting bar.


MEDLEY Galvinized Steel Wire Rope
GSW-A3 3mm Galvanised Steel wire
GSW-A5 5mm Galvanised Steel wire
MEDLEY Bar Attachment Set
BAS-A3 For 3 mm Steel wire, including
BAS-B3 (1pc)
BAS-C3 (3pcs)
BAS-D5 (1pc)
BAS-E5 (1pc)
BAS-A5 For 5 mm Steel wire, including
BAS-B5 (1pc)
BAS-C5 (3pcs)
BAS-D5 (1pc)
BAS-E5 (1pc)


Medley Wire Ropes - product data sheet (193 KB)