Charity Fung Auditorium, Sacred Heart Canossian College

‘New-look campus with an “all-LED-lit” stage’

Founded in 1860, Sacred Heart Canossian College launched their 150th Anniversary Project in 2010, which consists of an auditorium and an IT Centre of 3 floors. The project not only provides a better learning environment for their students but also encourages their all-round non-academic developments.

Formerly the 3rd floor of the College Hall Block, the Charity Fung Auditorium is now a 400-seat venue for lectures, music and drama performances in an intimate, mini-theatre setting. It is also one of the first few schools in Hong Kong with an “all- LED-lit” stage lighting system. Macostar handpicked their award-winning 5600K cool white LED profiles for this project as they give powerful light beams with a long lifespan, while simulating natural daylight for various school activities at the venue.

Macostar also built 4 side stage lighting towers to mount these flesh-tone LED profiles on both sides of the stage, as light from the sides can create special effects especially in dance performances. Users can also adjust different sizes, shapes, and edges of light beams with the spotlight’s built-in shutters and optical zoom focus, and can easily apply colours as these LED profiles work perfectly well with colour filters.

Scope of work:

Macostar was responsible for the design, supply and installation of the Stage Lighting System, Stage Curtain System, and Pro- Audio System in Charity Fung Auditorium, Sacred Heart Canossian College.

Equipment List:

Stage Lighting System

  • Macostar N8/22C 200W LED Profile Spotlight
  • Macostar N18/36C 200W LED Profile Spotlight
  • Macostar N30/55C 200W LED Profile Spotlight
  • ACME BW-36 36W Building Wash LED RGB Spotlight
  • ACME CB-80 80W LED RGB Color Bar
  • Macostar DPC12X2D Wall Mount Dimmer Cabinet
  • Macostar MATCH IDA6H and IDA6R Isolated DMX Amplifiers
  • Macostar MATCH iDIP1 DMX Input Ports
  • Macostar MATCH iDOP1 DMX Output Ports
  • Macostar MEDLEY Internal Wired Bars
  • Macostar MEDLEY HBX15 Head Blocks
  • Macostar MEDLEY LBX15 Loft Blocks
  • Macostar MACHO DW300A4E Motorised Drum Winch
  • Zero 88 Jester ML24 24ch Lighting Console
  • Macostar Side Stage Lighting Tower

Stage Curtain System

  • J&C Joel Front & Rear, Border and Leg Curtains
  • Trietex Stage Curtain Track System for Front and Rear Curtain
  • Da-Lite Senior Electrol Large Heavy Duty Electric Screen

Pro-Audio System

  • Fulerum Acoustic CX1565 15″ Speakers
  • Fulerum Acoustic CX896 8″ Stage Monitor Speakers
  • Allen & Heath PA282 Audio Mixer
  • Australian Monitor MYMDCD Dual CD
  • Panasonic DMP-BD85 Blue-ray player
  • Sennheiser EW112p G3 Wireless Microphone System
  • Australian Monitor XA 1400 2ch Power Amplifier
  • Symetrix Jupiter 8 Audio Processor


Sacred Heart Canossian College


Charity Fung Auditorium
Sacred Heart Canossian College
2 Chi Fu Close
Hong Kong


January 2013


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