Thematic Gallery 6, Hong Kong Heritage Museum

“Bruce Lee: Kung Fu • Art • Life”

July 20, 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of the passing of Bruce Lee, the internationally renowned martial arts movie star. Almost 4 decades after his death, Lee’s influence continues to cross the boundaries of region, race and even age. “Bruce Lee: Kung Fu • Art • Life”, the long-awaited exhibition presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and jointly organised by the Bruce Lee Foundation and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, set to become the talk of the town and will run for 5 years until July 2018.

Occupying a total area of 850m² at the Museum’s Thematic Gallery 6, the gallery houses several sets of reconstructions, which have been created with ideas inspired by prominent scenes in Lee’s 5 classic kung fu movies as well as his gym and his study. The exhibits, placed suitably in the reconstructed scenes, will enhance visitors’ experiences in viewing the exhibition. The exhibition will also include a collector series in which the theme will be changed regularly to show the precious collections of different collectors with an aim of introducing the cultural significance and the influence of Bruce Lee through the collectors’ eyes.

The exhibition has gathered more than 600 precious relics and memorabilia items related to Bruce Lee on loan for display. They include more than 400 relics from the Bruce Lee Foundation, the largest number of artefacts that the Foundation has ever lent out.

To tie in with this 5-year exhibition, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum worked with Macostar to upgrade their existing dimming and architectural lighting control system. Dimmer packs with high performance and reliability were chosen to fulfil the gallery’s demanding everyday usage. The new lighting control system provides easy selection of sophisticated lighting moods. The system’s user interface features a flexible touch screen device which provides an intuitive “user friendly” method of interfacing to a software-based lighting control system. Programs can be tailored to suit the precise needs of the gallery. It allows museum staff to easily reprogram their own scenes without the need of any engineer site visits.

Scope of work

Macostar was responsible for the supply and installation of the Dimming System at Thematic Gallery 6 of Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

Equipment List:

Dimming System:

  • Macostar MARS MARS3120-S6-H1 12x3kW Dimmer Pack
  • iLight SCD96 96 Channel DMX Source Controller
  • iLight TSC50-SS 5.7” Color Touchscreen Controller
  • iLight EG2 DINrail Ethernet Gateway 2
  • iLight PSU-15-DIN DINrail Power Supply Unit for Ethernet Gateway 2
  • iLight SW2 Software Programmer’s Kit


Leisure and Cultural Services Department


Thematic Gallery 6
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1 Man Lam Road
Sha Tin
Hong Kong


June 2013


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