Lei Tung Community Hall, Hong Kong

“LED” the way: working together with tungsten

There are at present a total of 59 community halls in Hong Kong under the management of Home Affairs Department. Being one of the few government-qualified specialist contractors for stage lighting and machinery systems, Macostar has taken an active role in system design and equipment supply for a majority of these venues. In August 2011, the District Council endorsed to carry out upgrading works of lighting, audio-visual, and acoustics facilities in 2 community halls in Lei Tung and Stanley. The scope of work was similar to that of their neighbouring Wah Kwai and Ap Lei Chau community halls in Southern District.

Of all the stage lighting fixtures upgraded in this particular hall, more than 75% are LEDs, including our Macostar LED spotlights, which provide high lumen and close to skin tone colour rendering (CRI: Ra 90). All lighting fixtures are RDM ready and available with DMX controls for smooth dimming.

These 2 venues are also the first few local community halls in Hong Kong using LED spotlights specifically designed in the professional stage lighting standard and made by a Hong Kong-based company.

Scope of work

Macostar is responsible for the supply and installation of theatre lighting, rigging and machinery, and house lighting control system in Lei Tung Community Hall.

Equipment List:

  • Lighting Fixtures and Equipment
    • Macostar NF200W LED Fresnel Spotlight
    • Macostar N18/36 200W LED Profile Spotlight
    • Macostar LEADER 590 450W LED RGB Spotlight
    • LDR Nota 18/36 1200W Profile Spotlight
    • LDR Tono 8/22 2000W Profile Spotlight
    • Altman Spectra CYC 100W LED Cyclorama Light
    • Macostar MATCH IDA6R DMX Splitter
    • Leviton Innovator 24/48 Stage Lighting Control System
    • Macostar DPC24X2D & DPC12X2D Wall Mount Dimmer Cabinets
  • Rigging & Machinery System
    • Macostar MEDLEY Internal Wired Bars
    • Macostar Motorized Winch Hoist
    • Macostar Front & Rear Curtain and Curtain Track
    • J.D. McDougall Front and Rear Curtain, House Front Curtain and Cyclorama Cloth
    • Macostar MACHO Drum Winch
    • Macostar MACHO Hoist Control System
  • House Lighting Control System
    • Galuzii Dimmable Fluorescent Lighting Panel
    • Macostar AUROSTAR ADC12R2E, 12 ways Dimmer Cabinet
    • Macostar AUROSTAR House Light Control 4-Preset Station


Home Affairs Department


Lei Tung Community Hall, Lei Tung Estate, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong


February 2012


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