Wah Kwai Community Centre, Hong Kong

Scope of work:

Improvement of Stage lighting system at Wah Kwai Community Centre

Equipment Lists:

  • Stage lighting system
    • Macostar DPC24X2D dimmer rack
    • Colortran Innovator 24/48 lighting console c/w handheld remote
    • Macostar IDA6 DMX distribution amplifier
    • LDR Suono 20/40 plus profile spotlight LDR Nota 18/36 profile spotlight
    • LDR Tono 8/22 profile spotlight
    • LDR Rima A500 cyc light
    • LDR Canto1200 MSR MK2 followspot
    • Macostar Xpress 12DC color scroller
    • Macostar Xpress 18DC color scroller
  • Stage machinery & curtain system
    • Macostar Medley lighting bar & rigging block
    • Macostar MACHO draw curtain machine
    • Macostar MACHO motorized winch
    • JC Joel NDFR velour, DFR wool serge, DFR super wool surge and NDFR filled cloth
    • H&H 100 series curtain track system
  • Architectural Lighting Control System
    • Macostar Aurostar ADC12R2E dimming cabinet
    • Macostar Aurostar AS-PP2042M and AS-PP1042P preset control station
    • Galuzii HYE243 fluorescent panel c/w Philips TL5 tube and dimmable ballast

Contract Sum: HK$1.5M
Client: Che Luen Electrical Engg. Co. Ltd.
Completion: 2009


Showcase - Wah Kwai Community Centre, Hong Kong (2.3 MB)