Youth Square, Hong Kong

Youth Square is a project commissioned by the HKSAR Government’s Home Affairs Bureau, and aims to implement the Bureau’s vision and purpose in promoting social harmony and civic education. Youth can find the perfect venue to fully develop their potential in Youth Square, Hong Kong’s home to youth development activities. (source: Youth Square)

Macostar was responsible to design, supply and install the stage machinery, lighting and curtain systems in these venues:

643 seats in stalls and balcony suitable for culture and entertainment activites, conference, lectures and events of different natures.

Transformable to a versatile black box theatre with 224 seats or an open space that holds about 500 persons.

Scope of work:

  • Stage Machinery System
    • Gala Spiralift Orchestra Rising Platform, 35.8 square meter and 61 square meter with 8,850 kg and 21,000 kg lifting capacity
    • JR Clancy Safety Curtain
    • JR Clancy manual rigging system
    • SEW brake motors for stage lighting bars and Scenery bars
    • Wenger Diva full stage acoustic shell
  • Stage Curtain System
    • JC Joel curtains
    • H&H 500 Series track system
    • Sumitomo Hyponic gearmotor for motorised curtain system.
  • Stage Lighting System
    • ETC SmartFade with wireless pocket
    • PC control stage lighting system
    • ETC Sensor plus with CEM Dimmer Racks
    • Over 400 units of Luminaries from top leading suppliers, including ETC, Leviton and Selecon.

Completion: 2008
Client: China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited


Showcase - Youth Square, Hong Kong (1.6 MB)
Showcase - Gala Systems Spiralift ND9 (488 KB)

Showcase - Youth Square, Hong Kong (1.6 MB)