Television & Film

Macostar is one of the leading system integrators that based in Hong Kong for TV & Radio Broadcasters and Professional Audio-Visual facilities in Asia. We setup Television Production Facilities (including the studios, master control, editing suite, play out and transmitting etc) and Broadcasting Centers in the region.

The range of system equipment we supplied including professional camera and monitors, coaxial cable and connectors, intercom & talkback system, video and audio signal processing peripherals, standard converters, master clock, advance robotic control system and tripod, microwave links and transmitters. We can also provide OB trucks solutions.

In terms of lighting, we provide motorized suspension system for lighting and pros in TV studios; tracks, curtain, croma key clothes and cyclorama; dimming and control; full range of TV fixtures from fresnel, soft light, cyc light to profiles and follow spots; effect machines and projectors; and consumables including lamp bulbs, color and conversion filters.

Film market also use a lot of location lighting fixtures including Tungsten, fluorescent and HMI discharge lamp source from 575W to 20KW. A range of complementary lighting stands and dolly system for camera mounting. Color correction filters are also essentials to compensate the different color temperatures of respective light sources.