China Central Television (CCTV)

China Central Television (CCTV) had been expanding greatly. In competition with major international television and news service providers, a new headquarters was designed and completed by the renowned OMA and Arup in 2012, forming a landscape of public entertainment, outdoor filming areas, and production studios in the new Beijing central business district.

With close working relationships since the 1990s, Macostar collaborated with CCTV again and gave a significant contribution in the studio lighting area of 10 new studios in CCTV Headquarters including Studio E01, their largest studio, with floor area about 2000m².

This lighting system in Studio E01 sets the industry-leading standard in China with highlights such as:

  • Flexible Motorised Trusses
    • 4 Signature suspension trusses in the form of the letters “CCTV” give lighting flexibility for different production requirements. They can be hoisted, programmed, and remote-controlled by a hoist controller.
  • Powerful Machinery
    • 86 Motorised Drum Winches were installed to provide stable support for lifting over 51 tonnes of lighting equipment up to the ceiling.
  • Intuitive Hoisting Control
    • The movement of lighting fixtures is in precise control on a LCD touch screen display in a simulated floor plan interface.
  • Smart Dimming
    • Intelligent Dimmer Racks feature a touch screen display, providing real-time operation status and can be controlled with a simple touch.

Scope of Work:

Macostar is responsible for the design, supply and installation of hoist control system, dimming system and motorised lighting truss system for 10 studios in CCTV Headquarters including Studio E01.


China Central Television


CCTV Headquarters, Chaoyang, Beijing, China




Showcase - CCTV China 2000sqm Studio (E01) (479 KB)