Hubei Television

An “all-LED-lit” TV News studio

In 2011, Hubei Television offered HD TV broadcast on its flagship nationwide satellite TV station and 8 regional TV stations with a total of 260 hours of programs every week, accessible to 80 million viewers. In January 2013, Macostar finished an “all-LED-lit” studio lighting system for HBTV’s new 600m² production studio, which was built for high-definition live television recording and production of factual programmes such as news and talk shows.

As the 600m² Studio adopts an open concept design, the layout of lighting fixtures is very complex, and needs to be carefully planned and optimized, in order to give flexibility for live HD broadcast, without compromising camera angles during multi- camera setup.

Scope of work

Macostar is responsible for the supply and installation of lighting fixtures and motorised lighting truss system in the 600m² Studio of Hubei Television.

Lighting Fixtures and Equipment

  • Macostar MacoLED D100C Dual-Panel Floodlights, 52pcs
  • Macostar MacoLED D100C Quad-Panel Floodlights, 12pcs
  • Macostar MacoLED F200C Fresnel Spotlights, 32pcs
  • Macostar MacoLED T200C Profile Spotlights, 20pcs
  • Macostar MacoLED 10W Facelights, 4pcs
  • Macostar 575W Moving Heads, 4pcs
  • Minolta CL-200 Chroma Meter
  • Macostar DPR120D 120 channels 4KW Digital Non-dim Racks
  • Macostar ADC24R2 24 ways Dimmer Cabinet w/ Controller
  • Macostar MATCH IDA6 DMX Distribution Amplifier
  • Zero 88 Leap Frog 48/96 Lighting Console

Motorised Lighting Truss System

  • Macostar MACHO Drum Winch
  • Macostar MEDLEY Rigging Blocks
  • Macostar Aluminium Lighting Truss
  • Macostar MEDLEY Internal Wired Lighting Battens
  • Macostar MACHO MC-TMC-1 Winch Control Box
  • Macostar Wireless Hoist Control System
  • Macostar MC-TCC-1 Manual Hoist Control
  • Macostar Ethernet to CAN convertor
  • Macostar MC-T110 E-stop controller
  • Macostar MC-T101 Upper & Lower Limited Device
  • Macostar MC-DGP-40 Power Distribution Rack
  • Chain Hoist systems, 52 sets


Hubei Television


Hubei Television, Wuhan, China


January 2013


Showcase - 600sqm TV News Studio, Hubei Television, China (625 KB)