Teledifusao de Macau S.A. (TDM)

Scope of Work:

Design, Supply and install the dimming system & motorized hoist system for FORUM II studio, 400m² in TDM Macau.

Equipment list:

  • Macostar motorized lighting hoist system c/w internal wire batten, cable basket, Sumitomo brake motor and touch control panel
  • Macostar DPR120E-NET2 dimmer rack and monitoring system
  • Colortran Innovator 600 lighting console
  • Compulite Rave moving light console
  • Robe ColorSpot 1200AT
  • Robe ColorWash 575AT
  • Coemar Testa 2500HTI/SE followspot with color changer
  • LDR Tono F2000+ 2kW Fresnel light
  • LDR Nota F1200+ 1.2kW Fresnel light
  • LDR Nota PC 1200 + 1.2kW spotlight
  • LDR Nota 8/22 1.2kW profile spot- light
  • LDR Nota 18/36 Profile spotlight LDR Palco 64 PAR light
  • LDR InnoA 1kW flood light

Client: Teledifusao de Macau S.A. (TDM)
Completion: 2008


Showcase - Teledifusao de Macau S.A. (TDM) (1.3 MB)